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5th International Planetary Probe Workshop

5th International Planetary Probe Workshop

Start date: 24 Jun 2007
Address: Bordeaux, France

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As with the four previous workshops, key objectives of the 5th IPPW include fostering international involvement and collaboration in planetary exploration with probes, and engaging the next generation of scientists and engineers in this exciting field of planetary exploration.

The workshop is divided into the following sessions:

Session I:Current Outlook
Session II:Mission concept studies, and science drivers of technology, and sample return - Venus and Mars
Session III:Entry, Descent and Landing Concepts for Current and Future Missions Beyond Earth
Session IV:Technology systems, Electronics, Instruments and sensors, communications and batteries
Session V:Mission concept studies and science drivers of technology - Giant planets and Titan
Session VI:Entry, Descent, and Landing Technologies for Planetary Missions
Session VII:Emerging, enabling, and extreme environment technologies; cross-cutting technologies
Session VIII:Earth Entry, Descent and Landing for Sample Return and Crewed Missions
Session IX:Future Outlook Closing Session

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