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CHEOPS Back End Electronics

CHEOPS Back End Electronics

Date: 15 September 2016
Satellite: CHEOPS
Copyright: ESA/C. Carreau

Pictured here is the Back End Electronics (BEE) unit, under the responsibility of IWF-Graz (Austria).

The BEE houses the power unit built by RUAG Space Austria, that is used to convert the voltage provided by the spacecraft to the levels needed by the CHEOPS instrument. The BEE also houses the digital processing unit (DPU), built by IWF, that is used to control many aspects of the instrument. The DPU will be used to analyse the CHEOPS images in real time, providing a precise measurement of the location of the CHEOPS target star on the CCD. This information will be fed back to the spacecraft attitude and orbit control system to enable accurate control of the spacecraft pointing.

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