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Classification of IMF Directional Discontinuities

Classification of IMF Directional Discontinuities

Date: 25 November 2004
Satellite: Cluster
Depicts: Scatter plot of directional discontinuities
Copyright: ESA

Scatter plot based on normal estimates from triangulation (red squares) and Cluster 4 MVA (black diamonds). All Directional Discontinuities (DDs) with λ23>2 at the location of Cluster 4 are considered. The classification of the DDs into the two types of discontinuity (Rotational:RD and Tangential:TD) is as follows:

  • DDs with a large relative change in field magnitude (|[B]|/ Bmax>0.2) and small magnetic field component perpendicular to the plane of discontinuity (|Bn|/Bmax<0.4) are TDs
  • DDs with (|[B]|/Bmax<0.2) and (|Bn|/Bmax>0.4) are RDs
  • Those with small |[B]| and small |Bn| could be both RDs or TDs and are therefore called EDs (Either Discontinuities)

Note, that using triangulation not a single DD falls into the RD category.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
31-Jan-2023 11:10 UT

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