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Cosmic Vision L-class missions presentation event 2011

Cosmic Vision L-class missions presentation event 2011

Meeting materials available


Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Plan
L-class missions presentation

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Institut Océanographique de Paris
195 rue Saint-Jacques
75005 Paris, France

Meeting homepage:



L-class candidate missions 


A special event was held in Paris on 3 February 2011, to present the three L-class mission concepts, EJSM-Laplace, IXO and LISA. These are the three candidates for a launch opportunity in 2020 within the frame of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Plan for the ESA Science Programme.

Materials from the meeting, and reports from the assessment studies of the three L-class mission concepts, are posted on these pages. The following material has been uploaded and is available from the links below and from the right-hand menu:

Photos from the meeting


Audio recording and presentations

An audio recording of the meeting is available for download. It is split into three parts corresponding to the three meeting sessions as indicated below.

In addition to the three mission presentations, the audio recording also includes the welcome address at the start of the meeting and the presentations on ESA programmatics and international partnerships at the end of the meeting.

The three audio files are in MP3 format and can be downloaded from the first column in the overview below. The file size is also indicated, along with the duration of the recording in hh:mm:ss.

For each of the three L-class mission candidates, EJSM-Laplace, IXO and LISA, the science case and an overview of a possible mission profile were presented, which was followed by a round of questions and answers.

The presentations are available as PDF and can be downloaded from the rightmost column in the overview below. For EJSM-Laplace and IXO the presentations of each mission are available as a single PDF. For LISA the two presentations are available as separate PDF documents.

Session 1

196 Mb
00:00:00 Welcome address & introduction
EJSM-Laplace presentation
Science case
Possible mission profile

Session 2

144 Mb
IXO presentation
Science case
Possible mission profile

Session 3

266 Mb
LISA presentation
Science case
Possible mission profile
ESA presentation
01:30:00 ESA programmatic status of the
three L-class missions
International partnerships

EJSM-Laplace (NASA)
02:12:35 Q&A

Note: the audio levels are low for some parts of the recordings


Yellow Books and technical review reports of L-class study missions

Yellow Books

The outcome of the assessment study phase for each of the three candidate L-class missions is published as an assessment study report (Yellow Book). Each report provides a comprehensive overview of the scientific objectives and resulting requirements of each mission, along with details of the proposed payload, mission design and operations.

The Yellow Books are available for download in PDF format from the following table:

Yellow Books
EJSM-Laplace PDF 8.8 Mb
IXO PDF 6.5 Mb
LISA PDF 12.3 Mb

Technical review reports

For each of the three candidate L-class missions an ESA internal review has been completed at the end of the assessment study phase (phase 0/A). The reviews focused on the technical and programmatic elements of the three missions. The results of each review are summarised in a technical review report.

The three reports are available for download in PDF format from the following table:

Technical review reports
EJSM-Laplace PDF 0.1 Mb
IXO PDF 0.5 Mb



(last updated on 6 January 2011)

The schedule of the presentation meeting on 3 February 2011 is:

Registration and welcome coffee
11:00 Welcome address and introduction
11:15 EJSM-Laplace
12:45 Lunch break
14:00 IXO
15:30 Coffee break
15:50 LISA
17:20 International partnerships
17:40 Open Q&A session
18:30 Cocktail
19:30 End

The reception at the end of the meeting will last until approximately 19:30.

Venue and travel

The L-class missions presentation meeting will be held in Paris at:

Institut Océanographique de Paris
195 rue Saint-Jacques
75005 Paris, France

Tel. + 33 1 44 32 10 80
Fax + 33 1 44 32 10 91

The institute is located close to the "Jardin du Luxembourg" and the Panthéon, at the corner of Rue Saint-Jacques and Rue Gay-Lussac.

A four-page information brochure [PDF] with the institute's details can be downloaded by clicking on this image:

Local transport
The Institut Océanographique de Paris can be reached:

  • by RER (Réseau Express Regional)
    Ligne B:   stop at Luxembourg
  • by bus
    21 or 27:  bus stop Gay-Lussac/Saint-Jacques
    38, 82 or 85:  bus stop Luxembourg
    84 or 89:  bus stop Panthéon-Soufflot

Travel and hotel reservations
Please note that participants will have to take care of their own travel and hotel reservations. If you need assistance for hotel reservations, you can contact the ESA travel agent:

ESAHQ Travel office
BCD Travel
8-10 rue Mario Nikis 75015 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 53 69 80 30 / Fax +33 1 44 49 05 31

Announcement and registration

Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Plan
L-class missions presentation

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Institut Océanographique de Paris
195 rue Saint-Jacques
75005 Paris, France


The three L-class missions

Three "Large" (L-class) mission concepts, originally proposed to ESA in response to the Call for Missions for the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 plan issued in 2007, are currently studied as candidates for a launch opportunity in 2020. Details of the three mission concepts (EJSM-Laplace, IXO and LISA) are available at

All three mission concepts are nearing the completion of their Assessment Phase study activities, and the Advisory Structure to the ESA Science Programme will be asked, in May of 2011, to recommend which of the three should be carried forward for Definition Phase activities. The Science Programme Committee will then decide on the matter in June of 2011.

As a first step in this process, the three L-class mission concepts EJSM-Laplace, IXO and LISA will be presented to the scientific community on 3 February 2011, at the Institut Océanographique de Paris (195 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France). The meeting is foreseen to start at 10:00 and will end at 19:30 with a reception planned for 18:30.

Update (6 Jan 2011): The meeting will start at 11:00 instead of 10:00.
The updated programme is linked from the right-hand menu.

All interested parties (scientific community, industry, national funding agencies, international partners) are invited to attend this event. Practical details and logistic information are available at the links in the right-hand menu.

Please note that registration is mandatory due to the limited capacity of the venue, and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You are invited to register for this event as soon as possible, and by 15 December 2010 at the latest. 

Registration is mandatory to attend the event and must be performed through this on-line registration form (opens in new window):

Registration Form

NOTE: The deadline for registration has passed and the registration form is now closed.

Information for NON-attendees
If you will NOT attend the presentation meeting, but would like to receive information after the meeting, please use the dedicated information request form to be added to our distribution list (opens in new window):

Information Request Form

Note: If you have successfully registered and will attend the meeting you do not need to subscribe to this distribution list.

NOTE: The information request form is closed as of 11 February.


Valerie Lecuraud
ESA headquarters, Paris

Last Update: 1 September 2019
19-Apr-2024 08:21 UT

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