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Mars Express - The Scientific Payload

Mars Express - The Scientific Payload

Publication date: 16 August 2004

Authors: Mars Express instrument PIs and ESA scientists

Journal: ESA Special Publication
Volume: SP-1240
Page: pp. 1-219
Year: 2004

Copyright: ESA 2004

Editor: Andrew Wilson
Scientific Coordination: Agustin Chicarro

This ESA Special Publication focuses on the Mars Express scientific instrumentation and its state about a year after launch in order to include some initial scientific discoveries. In spite of the Beagle 2 failure, the lander's payload is also thoroughly described here because it is of the highest scientific value. Furthermore, the orbiter instruments are looking specifically for possible evidence of past or present life. No other mission to Mars since NASA's Viking missions in the 1970s has made exobiology so central to its scientific goals.

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