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ESA SP-1291: Mars Express - The Scientific Investigations

ESA SP-1291: Mars Express - The Scientific Investigations

The ESA special publication SP-1291, published in June 2009, is dedicated to the scientific investigations of Mars Express, the first European mission to another planet.

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The Mars Express spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since December 2003, carrying a suite of instruments that are investigating many scientific aspects of this planet in unprecedented detail.

Following a thematic overview of the mission's scientific results so far, the next seven chapters of this publication explain the scientific investigations in detail, for each of the instruments separately. These individual chapters can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links in the table below.

The complete ESA SP-1291 publication, but with reduced image resolution for distribution on the web, can be downloaded as a single PDF by clicking on the cover image on the right.

Contents of ESA SP-1291

Foreword PDF 1.4 Mb
Mars Express: Summary of Scientific Results
A. Chicarro, O.G. Witasse & A.P. Rossi
PDF 1.6 Mb
Scientific Instruments
HRSC: High Resolution Stereo Camera
G. Neukum, R. Jaumann and the Co-Investigator Team
PDF 128 Mb
OMEGA: Observatoire pour la Minéralogie, l'Eau, les Glaces et l'Activité
J.-P. Bibring, Y. Langevin, F. Altieri et al.
PDF 52 Mb
MARSIS: Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding
J.J. Plaut, G. Picardi, T.W. Watters et al.
PDF 29 Mb
PFS: Planetary Fourier Spectrometer
V. Formisano, F. Angrilli, G. Arnold et al.
PDF 20 Mb
SPICAM: Spectroscopy for the Investigation of the Characteristics of the Atmospheric of Mars
J.-L. Bertaux, O. Korablev, D. Fonteyn et al.
PDF 54 Mb
ASPERA-3: Analyser of Space Plasmas and Energetic Neutral Atoms
R. Lundin, S. Barabash and the ASPERA-3 team
PDF 14 Mb
MaRS: Mars Express Radio Science Experiment
M. Pätzold, S. Tellmann, T. Andert et al.
PDF 35 Mb
Operations and Archiving
Mars Express Science Planning and Operations
R. Pischel & T. Zegers
PDF 0.7 Mb
Spacecraft and Payload Data Handling
J. Zender, F. Delhaise, C. Arviset et al.
PDF 1.6 Mb

Note: Another Mars Express ESA special publication, describing the scientific instruments themselves, was published in 2004, several months after the spacecraft's arrival at Mars. It is available as "ESA SP-1240: Mars Express - The Scientific Payload" and linked from the right-hand menu.

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