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First Mars Express Data Workshop - <br>HRSC & OMEGA

First Mars Express Data Workshop -

Programme and Documentation

The first in a series of Mars Express data workshops was held 11 to 15 June 2007 at ESAC, Villafrance, Spain. The workshop focussed on accessing and working with the Mars Express data that is available through the Planetary Science Archive and in particular data from the HRSC and OMEGA instruments. A second workshop, in early 2008, informs about the retrieval and usage of ASPERA, PFS & SPICAM data.

Presentations at the first workshop and several materials used for instructions can be retrieved through the below programme. The workshop pages are linked in the right-hand side navigation (see also).

Update 18 June 2008 - Additional data usage tools
A dedicated FTP site containing user-developed or provided tools for using/processing/converting Mars Express data was set up on 18 December 2007. It can be accessed through the related link on the right hand side.
As of 18 June 2008 it is located at the new address:

Workshop Programme

Monday 11 June 2007 - PSA/PDS
14:30 Introduction & Workshop description PDF A. P. Rossi
15:00 Mars Express archive overview and PDS standard overview PDF D. Heather
15:15 PDS user interfaces PDF D. Heather
16:00 PDS tools PDF D. Heather
16:15 SPICE general overview PDF J. Vazquez
17:00 HANDS-ON: SPICE and general PDS visualization software
     a) Data localization
     b) Data visualizaion 
     c) Label exploration
     d) SPICE usage
Tuesday 12 June 2007 - HRSC
09:30 HRSC Science introduction PDF S. van Gasselt
10:00 HRSC Products PDF T. Roatsch
10:30 Finding data of interest using PSA PDF D. Heather
10:45 Minivicar usage PDF T. Roatsch
11:30 HANDS-ON: PSA data selection, installing Minivicar, viewing with XVD PDF
14:30 Minivicar advanced usage PDF T. Roatsch
15:00 SPICE usage for HRSC data HTML J. Vazquez
15:30 Anaglyphs with Minivicar PDF A. P. Rossi
16:00 RGB & pan sharpening with Minivicar PDF A. P. Rossi
16:45 HANDS-ON: basic processing with "hrortho" PDF
Wednesday 13 June 2007 - HRSC
09:30 HRSC & GIS introduction PDF A. P. Rossi
10:00 HRSCview web-version PDF G. Michael
10:30 HRSCview - local data version PDF G. Michael
14:30 IDL - introduction for HRSC processing PDF G. Michael
15:00 HRSC and other datasets: MOC & THEMIS with ISIS PDF A. P. Rossi
15:30 Crater statistics with HRSC PDF G. Michael
16:15 HANDS-ON wrap-up, hrortho, RGB, anaglyphs, ISIS PDF
Thursday 14 June 2007 - OMEGA
09:30 OMEGA Science introduction PDF J.P. Bibring
10:00 Instrument Overview PDF J.P. Bibring
11:00 Calibration Overview PDF B. Gondet
11:45 The OMEGA dataset PDF B. Gondet
12:30 Data & geometry cube description PDF Y. Langevin
14:30 Instrumental artifacts PDF Y. Langevin
15:00 Data reduction procedure PDF Y. Langevin
15:30 Spectral maps PDF Y. Langevin
16:00 How to find data of interest using PSA PDF D. Heather
16:30 HANDS-ON: OMEGA software installation and data analysis FTP
Friday 15 June 2007 - OMEGA
09:30 HANDS-ON: OMEGA data analysis FTP
11:00 HANDS-ON: OMEGA data analysis FTP
12:00 Feedback session & FAQ on OMEGA data analysis FTP

Photos and Participants

List of Participants

Last name, first name Affiliation Country
Balthasar, Heike FU Berlin Germany
Carli, Cristian Universita' di Parma Italy
Carreño Conde, Francisco Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
De Pablo, Miguel Angel Universidad de Alcalá Spain
Frigeri, Alessandro Universita' di Perugia Italy
Gardin, Emilie Université Lyon 1 France
Grieger, Bjoern ESA ESA
Lopez Ruiz-Labranderas, Ivan Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Martin, Fidel Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Mora, Luis Centro de Astrobiologia Spain
Oosthoek, Jelmer TNO Netherlands
Ormo, Jens Centro de Astrobiologia Spain
Rinaldi, Marco Universita' di Pavia Italy
Sefton-Nash, Elliot University of Bristol UK
Silvestro, Simone Universita' d'Annunzio Italy
Simioni, Emanuele Universita' di Padova Italy
Sowe, Mariam DLR Germany
Tampella, Giuditta Universita' di Parma Italy
Tirsch, Daniela DLR Germany
Tormanen, Terhi University of Oulu Finland
Vaz, David Universidade de Coimbra Portugal

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