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Planck Leaves ESTEC

Planck Leaves ESTEC

25 April 2008

Having completed the fine balancing tests inside the Large Space Simulator, the Planck spacecraft has left the ESTEC test facilities on a transport truck to Centre Spatial Liège (CSL).

On Friday 18 April the preparations for the transport started. The payload module was wrapped in a textile protective cover.

Wrapping of the Planck payload module with textile cover, 18 April

The next day the Planck spacecraft was placed on the container trolley and a general inspection of the spacecraft was performed before transport.

Placing of Planck inside transport and storage container, 21 April

Closing of the transport and storage container, 21 April

On Monday 21 April the spacecraft on its trolley was carefully rolled into its transport and storage container, which was then closed. Later the same day, the container with the Planck spacecraft was placed on the transport truck that departed for CSL in the evening. At CSL the Planck spacecraft will go through its final thermal and cryogenic spacecraft system test campaign.

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