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Moscow Conf. Exploration and Utilization of the Moon

Moscow Conf. Exploration and Utilization of the Moon

9 October 1998

The Third International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon is being held in Moscow, from 10 to 14 October. It is organised by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG).

The purpose of the ILEWG is to develop an international strategy for exploration and utilization of the Moon, and to coordinate activities of space agencies and institutions.

The Conference is a follow-on from the Beatenberg 1994 lunar workshop and declaration, and the 2nd ILEWG workshop in Kyoto in 1996.

The main topics of the Moscow conference include:

  • origin and evolution of the Earth-Moon system
  • the moon as a testbed for solar system exploration (infrastructures, technologies)
  • utilisation of lunar resources
  • environmental protection aspects.
The ILEWG98 meeting takes place on Saturday 10 October, and the conference itself starts on 11 October at the Russian Academy of Science.

The SMART-1 project scientist B.H. Foing, will present the status of SMART-1 (the first of ESA's Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology) and other ESA activities related to lunar exploration.

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