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SMART-1 Mission and instruments presented at European Geophysical Society

SMART-1 Mission and instruments presented at European Geophysical Society

4 May 1999

A very successful "Open Session on Lunar Exploration" took place at The Hagueon 22 April, as part of 1999 Assembly of the European Geophysics Society . Itwas convened by B.H. Foing (ESA) and co-convened by H. Hoffmann (DLR, Berlin).

28 papers were presented. The audience included best experts in lunar, planetary, space research and geophysics. The session started with an opening from B.H. Foing, as president of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG). The detailed programme can be found at Results were presented from recent Lunar missions Clementine and Prospector, as well as future perspectives for lunar exploration. Highlights included:
  • presentations of Clementine results on geophysics, geochemistry, volcanism, stratigraphy, lunar poles ,
  • presentations of Japanese lunar missions Lunar-A and SELENE
  • the first presentation to the community at large of the SMART-1 mission, goals and instruments.
A dedicated sub-session included 9 SMART-1 related papers (4 papers describing different aspects of the SMART-1 mission, and 5 papers on the SMART-1 instruments in the afternoon). A well attended open lunch session was organised that allowed to receive a positive feedback on the SMART-1 mission and instruments, showing also a strong interest and support from the community. This was also followed by a very lively poster lunar session. The afternoon session also included presentations of lunar microsatellite projects such as Electra and Lunarsat. The Lunar exploration session ended with short presentations of lunar plans from different space agencies and organisations over the world, under the auspices of ILEWG.

The same day there was a closed session with the SMART-1 Science and Technology PI's. On 23 April the technical meeting of the 4th SMART-1 Science and Technology Working Team (STWT4) took place at ESTEC with the PI's and the SMART-1 project team. The status of SMART-1 was presented as well as latest spacecraft design and technical status. A significant progress has been made on the definition of the instruments' interfaces as needed to consolidate the end of SMART-1 industrial Phase B phase.

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