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Lunar Science: the Next Decade

Lunar Science: the Next Decade

Start date: 07 Jun 2005
Address: Bad Honnef, Germany

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It is the purpose of "Lunar Science - the Next Decade" to stimulate the interest of the young generation in the field of lunar science, to bring the relevant unanswered questions which await answers to them and to establish links among the new and old generation of scientists. At the same time, we intend to show graduate students that new opportunities for doing research in lunar science are opening up due to the renewed interest in lunar exploration.

The seminar is structured in the introductory part as a tutorial, which will bring together the relevant background needed in lunar science in a concise form (cosmology, planetary systems formation, mineralogy, geology and instrumentation). In a second part, reviews of the current state of knowledge in several lunar disciplines will then set the stage for a topical workshop, where results from lunar missions are discussed with an emphasis on new results from the European mission SMART-1.

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