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SMART-1 Status Report - February 2006

SMART-1 Status Report - February 2006

SMART-1 is in its extended mission with the spacecraft and all its subsystems in good health. The level of science operations activities has been increased as the spacecraft was configured to allow AMIE to be operated in push broom mode.

The scientific results from the mission were presented to the SSWG at its meeting on 11 January.

Flight Dynamics has worked out a number of end-of-mission scenarios for SMART-1, which are currently being evaluated and discussed with the SMART-1 Science Working Team. Eventually the spacecraft will crash onto the Moon mid August this year.

SMART-1 has been suffering from the high ground station usage of the other ESA science missions and the activities related to the launches of three ESA spacecraft in the past two months. To provide for extra downlink capabilities successful interface tests have been performed with the German Weilheim station.

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