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The complete archive of data sets from ESA's 3-year SMART-1 mission to the Moon has been released to the scientific community.
Published: 21 September 2010
ESA's SMART-1 team has released new images of the proposed impact site of NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), after the LCROSS team announced a new target last week
Published: 8 October 2009
On the occasion of the launch of the two NASA missions LRO and LCROSS (due on Thursday 18 June, 21:12 GMT), we have asked some questions to Bernard H. Foing (BHF), ESA project scientist for SMART-1 and Executive director for the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG).
Published: 17 June 2009
Japan's lunar orbiter Kaguya yesterday concluded its successful scientific mission with a controlled impact on the lunar surface. The impact occurred at 18:25 UT on the Moon's near side and the resulting flash has been observed from the Earth.
Published: 11 June 2009
The SMART-1 observation campaign latest results bring new evidences on SMART-1 impact: timing, location, detection of flash and ejecta, and a firework.
Published: 7 September 2006
In a press conference, held at ESOC on 4 September, the key outcomes of the SMART-1 mission from an operational, technical and scientific perspective were presented. In addition the latest results from the mission were also revealed.
Published: 4 September 2006
At 05h42m21.759s UT, 3 September, a small flash illuminated the surface of the Moon as the European Space Agency's SMART-1 spacecraft impacted onto the lunar soil in Lacus Excellentiae.
Published: 3 September 2006
An overview of the SMART-1 mission from launch to lunar impact is presented in a new set of dedicated pages, providing details on the spacecraft's orbit and the performance of the electric propulsion system.
Published: 4 August 2006
Already during the Lunar commissioning phase SMART-1's payload is gathering results, among which the first ever remote detection of calcium on the Moon.
Published: 8 June 2005

Imaging of the Moon's polar regions by the AMIE camera onboard SMART-1 is helping in the search for points on the Moon's surface where the Sun never sets.
Published: 14 April 2005

The SMART-1 mission has been extended for an extra year of lunar operations and will now end in August 2006. Among other opportunities, this extension will allow for an increased global coverage by the different dedicated science instruments.
Published: 15 February 2005

After a journey lasting 412 days SMART-1 has entered into orbit around the Moon. For the next two months the orbit will be refined until science operations begin in mid-January 2005.

Published: 16 November 2004
SMART-1's revolutionary propulsion system was successfully fired at 12:25 UT on 30 September, 2003, in orbit around the Earth.
Published: 1 October 2003
At about 40 hours of Mission Elapsed Time (starting from Launch), the commissioning of the SMART-1 spacecraft is proceeding nominally.
Published: 29 September 2003
SMART-1 leaves Earth on a long journey to the Moon
Published: 28 September 2003
Arianespace have confirmed that the launch of SMART-1 will take place on Saturday 27 September.
Published: 19 September 2003
The launch of ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft has been further delayed due to problems with another satellite in the payload. A new launch date is expected soon.
Published: 19 August 2003
Late on the afternoon of August 12th Arianespace announced a delay to Flight 162 and the launch of SMART-1.
Published: 13 August 2003
ESA's SMART-1 ready to fly
Published: 14 July 2003
The European Space Agency will present its SMART-1 lunar mission to the press on 3 April 2003. The event will take place at the European Space Technology Research Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, The Netherlands and will place the mission in its correct scientific, technological and European framework.
Published: 18 March 2003
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