ESA GRID Workshop

25th October, 2002

Conference Room Copernicus
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The objective of this Workshop was to present space-related GRID activities that have been initiated in recent years, with a view of consolidating a policy that will be followed by ESA in the coming years. The Workshop brought together technical experts dealing with various aspects of GRID (i.e. infrastructure, middleware and applications) to explain to potential users within the Agency and those associated with its programmes, the evolution and benefits of GRID technology.

The Programme contains links to all the given Presentations.

Final Programme

GRID Initiatives and Perspectives (Moderator: E. Seidel)
09:00 Introduction (S. Ansari - ESA) pdf 62 kb
09:10 GRID from an application viewpoint (E. Seidel - GGF) pdf 2.0 Mb
09:45 Grids: Why, How and What Next? (J.A. Templon - NIK-HEF) pdf 1.8 Mb
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 ESA, ESACOM, and their future part in European networking (M. Boele - ESA) pdf 121 kb
11:30 GridStart and its perspectives (M. Parsons - GridStart) pdf 55 kb
12:15 Radiation Transport Simulation within SpaceGRID (D. Wallom - SciSys) pdf 561 kb
12:30 - 13:00 Demonstrations
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
Specific Space related applications (Moderator: G Cavallo)

Discuss ESA practical involvement in the use of this technology, the requirements and the experiences so far achieved and the definition of near future plans.

14:00 What is going on in ESA (L. Fusco - ESA) pdf 2.1 Mb
14:15 The Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (R. Albrecht - ESA) pdf 1.4 Mb
14:45 Dutch Space GREASE (R. Grim - DutchSpace) pdf

156 kb

14:55 Space weather within SpaceGRID (SpaceGrid Contractors - TBD)
15:05 Solar System Research within SpaceGrid and EGSO (C. Perry - RAL)
15:15 Earth Observation within SpaceGRID (P-G Marchetti) pdf 3.4 Mb
15:25 Satellite Engineering within SpaceGRID (H-P De Koning)
15:35 Coffee Break
Requirements for Grid in ESA (Moderator: G. Cavallo)
15:45 The Concurrent Design Facility (M. Bandecchi - ESA) pdf 1.7 Mb
16:00 Distributed Interactive simulation and Advanced Distant learning
(L. Arguello - ESA)
pdf 780 kb
16:15 MSM requirements on Grid Technology (M. Sabbatini - ESA) pdf 32 kb
16:30 Requirements from the Centre de Donnees de Physique de Plasma
(C. Harvey - CDPP)
pdf 80 kb
16:45 Open Discussion
Conclusions (G Cavallo)
17:15 Conclusions and recommendations to ESA Management Board
17:30 End

List of Participants

Name Email Affiliation, Country
Mr. Rudi Albrecht ESA, Germany
Mr. Salim Ansari ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Jean-Pierre Antikidis CNES, France
Mr. Luis Arguello ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Massimo Bandecchi ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Stefano Beco DATAMAT, Italy
Mr. Kevin Bennett ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Bob Bentley MSSL/UCL, UK
Mr. Pier-Louis Blelly CESR, France
Mr. Michael Boele ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Kors Bos NIK-HEF, Netherlands
Mr. Marco Casucci INTECS, Italy
Mr. Giacomo Cavallo ESA, France
Mr. Yves Coene Spacebel, Belgium
Mr. Joel Courget C-S, France
Mr. Wim Cudlip DERA, UK
Mr. Dargent Thierry Alcatel, France
Mr. Hans-Peter de Koning ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Diego Escorial ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Hugh Evans ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Luigi Fusco ESA, Italy
Mr. Andres Galvez ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Giovanni Garofalo ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Ruud Grim Dutch Space, Netherlands
Mr. Federico Rossi DATMAT, Italy
Mr. David Groep NIKHEF, Netherlands
Mr. Jean-Pierre Guignard ESA, Italy
Ms. Constanza Guillen ESA, Netherlands
Mr. John Gunner ESA, Netherlands
Dr. Chris Harvey CDPP/CNRS, France
Mr. Wilhelm Kordulla ESA, Netherlands
Mr. P La Vopa SSI, Italy
Mr. Fan Lei QientiQ, UK
Mr. Mark Linde ter Dutch Space, Netherlands
Mr. Pier-Giorgio Marchetti ESA, Italy
Mr. Juan Miro ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Ricardo Berto Monleon ESA, Netherlands
Mr. Conrad Morris RAL, UK
Mr. Michel Nonon-Latapie CDPP/CNES, France
Mr. Carlo Paccagnini Alenia Spazio, Italy
Dr. Mark Parsons Univ. of Edinburgh, UK
Ms. Veronique Perrin Alcatel, France
Mr. Chris Perry RAL, UK
Mr. David Rodgers QinetiQ, UK
Mr. Massimo Sabbatini ESA, Netherlands
Mr. P. Schiano CIRA, Italy
Mr. Andreas Schreiber DLR, Germany
Mr. Ed Seidel MPG, Germany
Mr. Wim Som de Cerff KNMI, Netherlands
Mr. Brian Stewart RAL, UK
Mr. Jeff Templon NIKHEF, Netherlands
Mr. Joost van Bemmelen INTECS, Italy
Mr. David Wallom SCI Sys, UK
Mr. Tony Wells RAL, UK

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