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The WASP-189 system as seen by CHEOPS

The WASP-189 system as seen by CHEOPS

Date: 28 September 2020
Satellite: CHEOPS
Copyright: ESA

ESA's exoplanet mission CHEOPS has observed the WASP-189 system and determined key parameters about the star and its planet, WASP-189 b.

CHEOPS observed WASP-189 b at is passed behind its host star – an occultation – and recorded the dip in light from the entire system as it briefly slipped out of view.

It also observed the planet passing in front of the star – a transit. During a transit the planet temporarily blocks a tiny fraction of light from the star.

Occultations and transits allow scientists to determine parameters such as the planet's brightness, size, shape and orbital characteristics, as well as information about the star.

More information about the light curves:

Last Update: 28 September 2020
18-Jul-2024 02:33 UT

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