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Be an INTEGRAL astronomer: Data file information

Be an INTEGRAL astronomer: Data file information

Where are the data files and what is in them?


For your convenience we have provided direct links to the data files that you need for this competition. These are clearly labeled on the competition task pages.



The data files are plain ASCII files. Each file contains 3 columns, separated by a space. The column  contents are as follows: 

MJD (days) Flux (counts per second) +/-
53458.496275 211.308530 1.747500
53458.511469 212.187960 1.076446
53458.533706 210.128220 1.048533

Column 1: MJD stands for Modified Julian Date. This is an abbreviated version of the Julian Date (JD), a method which is used in astronomy and space science when continuous day counts are needed. JD counts days from noon on January 1, 4713 B.C


Column 2: Flux  this is the number of counts per seconds registered by the detectors.

Column 3: +/-  this is the error on the count given in column 2

Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Mar-2023 00:13 UT

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