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Rosetta Lander during thermal vacuum testing

Rosetta Lander during thermal vacuum testing

Date: 01 November 2001
Satellite: Rosetta
Depicts: Lander
Copyright: IABG, Ottobrun

The Lander is seen 'from above' (w.r.t. attitude at launch), illuminated by the artificial sun, in vacuum. The Landing Gear is extended (3 legs).

The 'bright columns' in the lower half of the picture are a support stand, or 'test adaptor', it is not part of the Lander but its purpose is to let the Lander stand in the right position in the test facility.

Scale: when the Landing Gear is stowed the Lander is inscribed in a cube of dimensions roughly 1m × 1m × 1m.

Rosetta Lander photo taken on 2 November 2001 at IABG, Ottobrun (near Munich).


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