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No. 85 - Continued Near Sun Hibernation Mode

No. 85 - Continued Near Sun Hibernation Mode

Report for Period 4 August to 7 September 2007The reporting period covers a period of 5 weeks of Near Sun Hibernation Mode with the reconfiguration to active cruise mode performed in the last week. All activities have beenconducted according to the plan.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
220 08/08/07 NNO 1264 Passive cruise mode
227 15/08/07 NNO 1264 Passive cruise mode
234 22/08/07 NNO 1271 Passive cruise mode
241 29/08/07 NNO 1278 Passive cruise mode
246 03/09/07 NNO 1283 Passive cruise mode
247 04/09/07 NNO 1284 Exit from passive cruise mode
248 05/08/07 NNO 1285 Spacecraft reconfiguration to active cruise mode
249 06/09/07 NNO 1286 Data downlink
250 07/09/07 NNO 1287 Data downlink

At the end of the reporting period (DOY 250) Rosetta was at 70.7 million km from Earth (0.47 AU; one-way signal travel time was 3 minutes and 56 seconds). The distance to the Sun was 201.2 million km (1.34 AU).


No activities have been conducted during the reporting period.

Future Milestones

The active payload checkout 6 will be executed at the end of September in preparation of Earth Swing-by 2.

After the payload check-out the navigation campaign linked to the Earth Swing-by (13 Nov 2007) will begin and last till the end of November.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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