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Rosetta Status Report - November 2007

Rosetta Status Report - November 2007

The spacecraft and its subsystem continue to perform nominally.Mid September the Rosetta spacecraft left Near-Sun Hibernation Mode (NSHM). No problems were reported during that period. Immediately thereafter Payload Active Check-out No. 6 started, which was completed early October.

Initial requirements for the asteroid Steins flyby in autumn 2008 were compiled and are being iterated with the Experiment Teams.

Regarding the pressurization valve leakage observed some time ago all spacecraft data have been reviewed with industry and the Flight Dynamics Team at ESOC and both in general agree on the potential impact for the mission. An ESA internal review on Department Head level took place on 11 September. The Board decided that there is no need for the time being to change the mission scenario. However, a special test programme to qualify the thrusters for lower pressure levels will be initiated. In addition, in close collaboration with Flight Dynamics contingency scenarios for the near comet phase will be studied to optimize fuel consumption.

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