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No. 95 - Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre

No. 95 - Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre

Report for Period 16 February to 14 March 2008Rosetta is continuing its 4th orbit around the Sun as part of its interplanetary journey. The spacecraft distance from the Sun is increasing and will reach a maximum of about 2.26 AU in December 2008.

Activities had a relatively low profile during the reporting period and performance of the mission has been nominal.

On 21 February a trajectory correction manoeuvre has been executed as part of the post Earth swing-by activities.

Having crossed the 1.2 AU Sun distance the spacecraft has been reconfigured for intermediate Sun distance for what concerns the thermal subsystem.

The ground segment computer system has been reconfigured to be compliant with the ESOC policy on redundancy segregation.

A total of 6 New Norcia (NNO) passes and 2 Deep Space Network (DSN) passes were taken during the reporting period.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
051 20/02/08 NNO 1454 Monitoring
052 21/02/08 NNO 1455 Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre, nominal magnitude 248.3 mms-1
053 22/02/08 NNO 1456 Monitoring
057 26/02/08 NNO 1460 Configuration for intermediate Sun distances
059 28/02/08 DSS-25 1462 Validation of SP-L telemetry signal modulation with Goldstone complex
065 05/03/08 NNO 1468 OSIRIS Test
067 07/03/08 DSS-65 1470 Validation of SP-L telemetry signal modulation with Madrid complex
072 12/03/08 NNO 1475 Monitoring

At the end of the reporting period (DoY 074) Rosetta was at 59.4 million km from Earth (0.39 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 198 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 195.4 million km (1.30 AU).


During the reporting period further tests on the OSIRIS instrument have been conducted.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument was activated on DoY 065 as part of on-going on-board software maintenance (OBSM) activity. The performance tests executed during the test slot gave very encouraging results having the shutters operated properly for several hundred of times with only one failure. A further test slot is foreseen for the next reporting period.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is muted.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

Since DoY 248/2007 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode.

Future Milestones

The cruise phase continues towards asteroid Steins that will be encountered early September 2008. During the next weeks Rosetta will perform a crucial test of the attitude dynamics to be experienced during the asteroid fly-by planned for September 2008. After this the spacecraft will be configured for a 3-months phase of Near Sun Hibernation Mode to be concluded early July.

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