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No. 101 - Active Payload Checkout 8 Completed

No. 101 - Active Payload Checkout 8 Completed

Report for Period 19 July to 2 August 2008The two weeks covered by this report have seen the completion of the active payload check-out 8 activities. Operations have been nominal and the mission timeline continues now with the optical navigation campaign required for the early September fly-by of asteroid Steins.

A total of ten New Norcia (NNO) passes were taken during this period:

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
203 21/07/08 NNO 1606 Payload check-out 8:
Interference test and COSIMA
204 22/07/08 NNO 1607 Payload check-out 8:
205 23/07/08 NNO 1608 Payload check-out 8:
206 24/07/08 NNO 1609 Payload check-out 8:
207 25/07/08 NNO 1610 Payload check-out 8:
210 28/07/08 NNO 1613 Payload check-out 8:
ROSINA, Lander
211 29/07/08 NNO 1614

Payload check-out 8:

212 30/07/08 NNO 1615 Payload check-out 8:
213 31/07/08 NNO 1616 Payload check-out 8:
214 01/08/08 NNO 1617 Payload check-out 8:

At the end of the reporting period (DoY 215) Rosetta was at 285.67 million km from Earth (1.90 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 953 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 304 million km (2.03 AU).


Several instruments have been activated during the reporting period as planned for the payload checkout 8 activities. The highlights of the major events linked to these operations are given below for the different instruments. On DoY 201-202 the instruments have been activated as part of the interference test.

The instrument was activated as part of the interference test (DoY 201) and later (DoY 203 and 208) for on-board software maintenance (OBSM) activity (software v. 2.6 uplinked) and a functional test.

The instrument was activated several times as part of the interference test and tests with the lander Philae.

COSIMA was activated a few times as part of the interference test and for maintenance activities on emitters A and C.

The instrument was activated on DoY 201 as part of the interference test.

The instrument was activated as part of the interference test and for a functional test including a small software patch.

The instrument was activated once as part of the interference test.

The instrument was activated as part of the interference test and for further functional tests. The shutter operated very well during these operations.

The instrument was activated during the reporting period for a series of functional tests. On DoY 205 the software v.7.0 was uplinked to the nominal side (the redundant side was updated already on DoY 196).

RPC was tested during the interference test with other instruments. On DoY 214, RPC-IES was exercised together with the ROMAP experiment on the lander for a cross-correlation activity.

The instrument is muted.

The instrument was activated as part of the interference test and on DoY 205 for a complete software uplink (v.4). The new software has been uplinked to both the nominal and redundant Main Electronics and has been successfully tested in flight.

Lander Philae
The lander was activated multiple times for an extensive test session lasting several days. Most of the subsystems and instruments have been activated and tested as planned.

Since DoY 184/2008 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode.

Future Milestones

The cruise phase continues towards asteroid Steins which will be encountered early September 2008. Spacecraft activities are now focused on the operations required for the optical navigation campaign (4 August to 4 September), the spacecraft now being at ~26 million km from the asteroid. This campaign will include imaging by the navigation camera (NAVCAM) and by the OSIRIS instrument. The image data will be processed by the flight dynamics team at ESOC in order to determine the orbit of asteroid Steins with higher accuracy than the one available from ground observations. Trajectory correction manoeuvres will be executed as required by the fly-by operations.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #101. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (bottom of this page) for terms of use.

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