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OSIRIS WAC images of asteroid (2867) Steins

OSIRIS WAC images of asteroid (2867) Steins

Date: 06 September 2008
Satellite: Rosetta
Depicts: Asteroid Steins

Images of asteroid (2867) Steins taken by the OSIRIS Wide Angle Camera on  Rosetta during the fly-by of 5 September 2008. The effective diameter of the asteroid is 5 km, approximately as predicted. At the top of the asteroid (as shown in these images), a large crater, approximately 2  km in size, can be seen. 

Provisional estimates (*) of the distance and phase angle for these images are (from top-left to bottom-right):

Distance= 1340 km
phase angle= 2°
Distance= 1140 km
phase angle= 6°
Distance= 960 km
phase angle= 17°
Distance= 810 km
phase angle= 43°
Distance= 800 km
phase angle= 55°
Distance= 950 km
phase angle= 84°

(*) The estimates are based on the predicted time of closest approach (20:38:16 CEST - spacecraft event time). Some changes to these distance and phase angle estimates may be introduced when the actual time of closest approach has been confirmed. These are expected to be no more than 50 km for the larger distances and no more than 10 km at closest approach. The phase angles are expected to change by no more than 2 degrees.


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