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No. 107 - Mission Operations Update

No. 107 - Mission Operations Update

Report for Period 6 October to 31 October 2008The reporting period covers four weeks of active cruise phase. An investigation was performed of a problem that had occurred with the COSIMA instrument during the asteroid Steins fly-by, focussing on the instrument's Target Manipulation Unit (TMU).

Spacecraft and ground segment performance during the reporting period have been nominal. Mission operations were conducted with the support of the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station and the NASA Goldstone DSN ground station (DSS).

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
283 09/10/08 DSS-24 1687 Monitoring
290 16/10/08 DSS-24 1694


296 22/10/08 NNO 1700

COSIMA TMU recovery part 1

297 23/10/08 NNO 1701

Pass cancelled in favour of XMM-Newton communication recovery (see also "Radio contact re-established with XMM-Newton" in the right-hand menu)

298 24/10/08 NNO 1702

COSIMA TMU recovery part 2

302 28/10/08 NNO 1706


305 31/10/08 NNO 1709


At the end of the reporting period (DoY 305) Rosetta was at 451.26 million km from Earth (3.01 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 1505 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 334.65 million km (2.23 AU).


All instruments are now switched off except for the Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) that continues to run in the background.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument was activated between DoY 296 and 298 to perform an investigation of a problem that occurred during the asteroid Steins fly-by campaign. Activities have confirmed a working Target Manipulation Unit (TMU) and reinforced the suspicion that the problem was due to high torques deriving from low temperature of the bundle of cables. Further tests are planned for the next reporting period.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is muted.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

Since DoY 184/2008 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode.

Future Milestones

The spacecraft is configured for low activity cruise. The check-out of the Radio science experiment will be executed in the next reporting period together with some investigation and recovery activities for the COSIMA and Lander instruments.

The spacecraft continues its fourth orbit around the Sun reaching aphelion on 17 December 2008 at a distance of 2.26 AU. It then heads back to Earth for the mission's last gravity assist and third Earth swing-by on 13 November 2009.
The angular separation between the Earth and the Sun as seen from the spacecraft will stay below 3° (conjunction) between 17 December 2008 and 6 January 2009 with the minimum angular separation (1.65°) occurring on 27 December. On that day the minimum angle between the spacecraft and the Sun as seen from Earth will be 3.8°.

No special activities are planned for this conjunction phase during which short weekly passes will be taken.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #107. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (bottom of this page) for terms of use.

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