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No. 118 - Start of payload check-out 10

No. 118 - Start of payload check-out 10

Report for Period 22 August to 18 September 2009The reporting period covers four weeks of operations during which the spacecraft was reconfigured from passive to active cruise mode, following the exit out of Near Sun Hibernation Mode (NSHM) on DOY251. With the mission's last planned near Sun hibernation phase completed, the spacecraft activities immediately focussed on the execution of the tenth spacecraft check-out (SC10). This included a characterisation of the inertia matrix and of the Sun sensors at large offset angles.

On DOY 259 the spacecraft entered a Safe Mode. It was promptly recovered and the nominal mission plan was re-established.

Payload activities for the tenth check-out (PC10) have now started.

Mission operations have been conducted with support of the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station and one pass with the Cebreros (CEB) ground station.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
236 24/07/09 NNO 2006

NSHM monitoring

243 31/08/09 NNO 2013

NSHM monitoring

250 07/09/09 NNO 2020

NSHM monitoring pre-exit

251 08/09/09 NNO 2021

NSHM exit

252 09/09/09 NNO 2022 Telemetry, Tracking & Commanding: reconfiguration from medium gain antenna (MGA) to high gain antenna (HGA)
254 11/09/09 NNO 2024 Uplink of PC10 timeline
257 14/09/09 NNO 2027 SC10 part 1
(CAM and routine units checks)
259 16/09/09 NNO 2029 Safe Mode recovery
(SC10 part 2 completed)
260 17/09/09 CEB 2030 Safe Mode recovery completion and PC10 start

At the end of the reporting period (DoY 261) Rosetta was at 54.26 million km from Earth (0.36 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 181 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 197.4 million km (1.31 AU).


All instruments are switched OFF, except for the Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) that continues to run in the background.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is muted.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is OFF.

Since DoY 251/2009 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode. These settings are now confirmed to be valid throughout the mission.

Future Milestones

The payload check-out number 10 has now started and will continue for the next two weeks. The schedule foresees a very packed test slot with most of the instruments undergoing maintenance and calibration activities.

After this phase focus will be on the navigation campaign for the third and last Earth swing-by to take place on 13 November 2009. This will be the last of the mission's four gravity assists.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #118. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (bottom of this page) for terms of use.

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