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No. 119 - Payload check-out 10

No. 119 - Payload check-out 10

Report for Period 19 September to 25 September 2009The reporting period covers the first week of the payload check-out 10 (PC10). The spacecraft activities were conducted according to plan. Instruments are being activated, tested, and calibrated and software updated as planned. Both the spacecraft and the ground segment are behaving nominally.

Mission operations have been conducted with support of the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
264 21/09/09 NNO 2034

PC10 - Dump of non interactive slot data. ROSINA and COSIMA interactive

265 22/09/09 NNO 2035


266 23/09/09 NNO 2036

PC10 - Philae lander

267 24/09/09 NNO 2037

PC10 - CONSERT and Philae lander

268 25/09/09 NNO 2038


At the end of the reporting period (DoY 268) Rosetta was at 45.776 million km from Earth (0.30 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 153 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 190.68 million km (1.27 AU).


Many of the instruments were activated as part of the ongoing payload check-out activities. The Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) continues to run in the background.

The instrument is currently OFF. On DoY 263 an update to version 2.07 of the software in the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) page 3 was successfully performed.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF. The test activity conducted on DoY 264 was successful and updated the software to version 14.

The instrument is currently OFF. The operations conducted in the period DoY 261 to 264 were successful.

The instrument is currently OFF. Activities have been conducted as planned on DoY 265 to update the software version to 650 and perform a functional test. The tests conducted on DoY 268 were nominal.

The instrument is currently OFF. A software patch was performed on DoY 262 and another patch has been uplinked to be executed in the next reporting period.

The instrument is currently OFF. The instrument was operated between DoY 261 and 264.

The instrument is OFF. Activities have been conducted as planned on DoY 265 including the foreseen software patch (v 7.02) in EEPROM to improve functionality; the test was successful.

The instrument is OFF.

The instrument is muted.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is OFF. The Lander activities started on DoY 266 with a successful extended Abbreviated Functional Test (AFT) and with a test of a software patch for the electrical subsystem.

Since DoY 251/2009 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode.

Future Milestones

The payload check-out number 10 is on-going and will continue for the next week. After this densely packed operational phase, focus will shift to the navigation campaign for the mission's third and last Earth swing-by to take place on 13 November 2009. In the month preceding the Earth swing-by a re-lubrication of reaction wheel B will be performed.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #119. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (bottom of this page) for terms of use.

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