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No. 129 - Mission Operations Update

No. 129 - Mission Operations Update

Report for Period 30 January to 12 February 2010After the successful test of the deep space hibernation mode (DSHM), which was covered in the previous reporting period, spacecraft maintenance activities have resumed as planned. Reaction wheel B was re-lubricated on DoY 034, with a run-in phase that lasted till DoY 042. It was subsequently added in the control loop of the spacecraft's attitude & orbit control system, which now operates on all four reaction wheels again. During the reporting period several payload tests were also conducted in preparation of the 12th payload check-out, which is planned for April-May 2010.

During the reporting period, mission operations have been conducted with support of the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
032 01/02/10 NNO 2168

Monitoring pass

033 02/02/10 NNO 2169

Monitoring pass

034 03/02/10

NNO 2170

Re-lubrication of reaction wheel B

035 04/02/10

NNO 2171

ALICE and COSIMA software updates

036 05/02/10

NNO 2172

ROSINA software update

037 06/02/10

NNO 2173

Monitoring pass

038 07/02/10 NNO 2174

Monitoring pass

040 09/02/10 NNO 2176

OSIRIS shutter test

041 10/02/10

NNO 2177

OSIRIS shutter test

042 11/02/10 NNO 2178 End of reaction wheel B run-in phase
043 12/02/10 NNO 2179

Monitoring pass

At the end of the reporting period (DoY 043) Rosetta was at 72.6 million km from Earth (0.48 AU) and the one-way signal travel time was 242 seconds. The distance to the Sun was 219 million km (1.46 AU).




The instrument is currently OFF. On DoY 035 software version 2.7 was copied in all EEPROM pages.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF. On DoY 035 software version 15 was successfully uplinked.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF. On DoY 040 and 041 the shutter test was successfully conducted.

The instrument is currently OFF. On DoY 036 software version 7.4 was successfully uplinked.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The ultra-stable oscillator is ON/muted since DoY 032/2010.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is currently OFF.

The instrument is ON with standard settings since DoY 032/2010.

Future Milestones

The Rosetta spacecraft is now configured in normal mode, in which it will nominally remain until the deep space hibernation entry in June 2011.

A test of the Philae lander's solar generator, with Sun exposure of the back side of the spacecraft, is planned for 24 February 2010 and a dynamics test of the Lutetia flyby is planned for 15 March 2010. Both tests are conditional to the behaviour of reaction wheel B, whose performance is being monitored following its re-lubrication.

Rosetta is cruising towards asteroid Lutetia. The encounter with the asteroid will take place in July 2010.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #129. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (bottom of this page) for terms of use.

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