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No. 142 - Flyby data downlinking

No. 142 - Flyby data downlinking

Report for the period 11 July to 30 July 2010This report covers 20 days of Rosetta mission operations. Payload operations associated with the flyby of asteroid Lutetia were completed on 11 July and the last three weeks have been mainly dedicated to downlinking the large volume of science data acquired. All the data have now been downlinked. The spacecraft is now cruising towards the aphelion of its current orbit, which will be reached in October 2012. Work to reconstruct the relative trajectory of the flyby is continuing.

During the reporting period, mission operations were conducted using the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station and the DSS-24 (Goldstone, 34 metres), DSS-25 (Goldstone, 34 metres) and DSS-63 (Madrid, 70 metres) NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas. The New Norcia pass on 29 July and part of the pass on 30 July were released in favour of the Venus Express mission.

Main activities during reporting period
DoY Date Pass Activity
192 11-Jul-2010 NNO 2328 Flyby data downlink
193 12-Jul-2010 NNO 2329
DSS-25 2330
Flyby data downlink
194 13-Jul-2010 NNO 2328
DSS-24 2331
Flyby data downlink
195 14-Jul-2010 DSS-63-2332 Flyby data downlink
196 15-Jul-2010 NNO 2332
DSS-63 2333
Flyby data downlink
197 16-Jul-2010 NNO 2333
DSS-24 3334
Flyby data downlink
198 17-Jul-2010 DSS-24 2335 Flyby data downlink
199 18-Jul-2010 DSS-63 2336 Flyby data downlink
200 19-Jul-2010 NNO 2336 Flyby data downlink
201 20-Jul-2010 NNO 2337
DSS-63 2338
Flyby data downlink
202 21-Jul-2010 NNO 2338 Flyby data downlink
203 22-Jul-2010 NNO 2339 Flyby data downlink
204 23-Jul-2010 NNO 2340 Flyby data downlink
206 25-Jul-2010 DSS-63 2343 Flyby data downlink
207 26-Jul-2010 NNO 2343 Flyby data downlink
208 27-Jul-2010 NNO 2344 Flyby data downlink
209 29-Jul-2010 NNO 2345 Flyby data downlink
210 29-Jul-2010 NNO 2346 Pass cancelled in favour of Venus Express
211 30-Jul-2010 NNO 2347
DSS-63 2348
Flyby data downlink

DoY = Day of year

At the end of the reporting period on 30 July, Rosetta was 509 million kilometres from Earth (3.4 AU); the one-way signal travel time was 28 min 18 sec (1698 sec). On 22 July, Rosetta exceeded its own previous maximum distance from Earth.

Rosetta's distance from the Sun was 427.7 million kilometres (2.85 AU). The distance to the asteroid at closest approach was 3160 kilometres. On 12 July, Rosetta captured the record for the solar-powered spacecraft that has flown furthest from the Sun, which was previously held by Stardust. This record distance will be almost doubled at aphelion in 2012 (5.29 AU).


Payload Status
ALICE The instrument is currently OFF
CONSERT The instrument is currently OFF
COSIMA The instrument is currently OFF
GIADA The instrument is currently OFF
MIDAS The instrument is currently OFF
MIRO The instrument is currently OFF
OSIRIS The instrument is currently OFF
ROSINA The instrument is currently OFF
RPC The instrument is currently OFF
RSI The USO is ON/muted since 3 February 2010 (DoY 032/2010) 
VIRTIS The instrument is currently OFF
Lander (Philae) The instrument is currently OFF
SREM The instrument is ON with standard settings since 3 February 2010 (DoY 032/2010)

Future milestones

Pre-comet science operations are now completed and the payload complement will be activated only for a final checkout before the hibernation phase. Most of these activities will be conducted in the slot allocated for December 2010 with a few exceptions required by the mission profile.

The spacecraft is now cruising towards more severe environmental conditions; for this reason, a number of test activities have been scheduled for the coming months - including a performance test of the solar arrays.

In view of the upcoming critical phase of entry into deep space hibernation, further tests have been planned in order to characterise spacecraft and ground segment behaviour under realistic RF link conditions.

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #142. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (linked from the home page for terms of use.

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