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No. 153 - Orbit determination and spacecraft reconfiguration

No. 153 - Orbit determination and spacecraft reconfiguration

Report for the period 19 February to 4 March 2011This report covers 14 days of Rosetta mission operations. The main activities were delta differential one-way ranging (DDOR) to determine the outcome of the burns performed during the previous reporting periods as part of the first rendezvous manoeuvre (RDVM#1) and reconfiguration of the spacecraft upon completion of the manoeuvre.

Orbit determination following the set of burns for RDVM# 1 has revealed that the manoeuvre was almost perfect and any correction would have required a Trim 2 burn with a ΔV of a few millimetres per second – well below the threshold where a correction is considered necessary. With this manoeuvre completed, the spacecraft is now on a fly-by trajectory for Comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko with a miss-distance of about 50,000 kilometres. After the completion of the RDVM#1 activities the spacecraft has been changed back to its normal configuration and is ready to complete pre-hibernation activities.

During the reporting period, mission operations were conducted using the ESA New Norcia (NNO) and Cebreros (CEB) ground stations and the DSS 14 (Goldstone, 70 metres), DSS 24 (Goldstone, 34 metres), DSS 25 (Goldstone, 34 metres), DSS 26 (Goldstone, 34 metres), DSS 34 (Canberra, 34 metres), DSS 45 (Canberra, 34 metres), DSS 54 (Madrid, 34 metres), and DSS 55 (Madrid, 34 metres) NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas.

Main activities during reporting period

DoY Date Pass Activity
053 22-Feb-2011 DSS-26 2555
DSS-14 2555
DSS-45 2555
054 23-Feb-2011

NNO 2255
CEB 2556
DSS-54 2556
NNO 2556

055 24-Feb-2011 DSS-255 2557
NNO 2557
056 25-Feb-2011 NNO 2257
CSB 2258
057 26-Feb-2011 DSS-55 2559
DSS-26 2559
NNO 2559
058 27-Feb-2011 DSS-26 2560 Monitor
059 28-Feb-2011 DSS-54 2561
NNO 2561
060 1-Mar-2011 DSS-26 2562 Monitor
061 2-Mar-2011 DSS-54 2553
NNO 2563
062 3-Mar-2011 DSS-24 2554
NNO 2564
063 4-Mar-2011 DSS-26 2565 Spacecraft reconfigured after RDVM#1

DoY = Day of year

At the end of the reporting period on 4 March, Rosetta was 533.2 million kilometres from Earth (3.56 AU); one-way signal travel time was 1779 seconds (29 minutes 39 seconds). The distance from the Sun was 610.3 million kilometres (4.08 AU).


Payload Status
ALICE The instrument is currently OFF.
CONSERT The instrument is currently OFF.
COSIMA The instrument is currently OFF.
GIADA The instrument is currently OFF.
MIDAS The instrument is currently OFF.
MIRO The instrument is currently OFF.
OSIRIS The instrument is currently OFF.
ROSINA The instrument is currently OFF.
RPC The instrument is currently OFF.
RSI The USO is ON/muted since 3 February 2010 (DoY 032/2010).
VIRTIS The instrument is currently OFF.
Lander (Philae) The instrument is currently OFF.
SREM The instrument is ON with standard settings since 3 February 2010 (DoY 032/2010).

Future Milestones

Activities linked to RDVM#1 are now complete, with the flight plans now focussing on the remaining payload activities to be completed by the end of March. The spacecraft will then be ready for the opposition phase in April and May.

Summary of upcoming events:

  • 05 March 2011: MIDAS activities
  • 06 March 2011: ALICE activities
  • 22-25 March 2011: OSIRIS activities
  • 12 April 2011: Start of opposition phase
  • 20 May 2011: End of opposition phase
  • 08 June 2011: Hibernation entry

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #153. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (linked from the home page for terms of use.

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