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No. 157 - Final preparations for hibernation

No. 157 - Final preparations for hibernation

Report for the period 16 May to 5 June 2011This report covers 21 days of Rosetta mission operations. The main activities were devoted to preparing the spacecraft for the deep-space hibernation phase.

The reporting period was fully dedicated to spacecraft preparation activities in readiness for the deep-space hibernation phase; a final solar arrays performance test was conducted at a heliocentric distance of 4.4 AU. The spacecraft is now configured for the hibernation entry operations planned for the beginning of next reporting period; all commands required for hibernation entry have been loaded on board in a disabled state.

During the reporting period, mission operations were conducted using the ESA New Norcia (NNO) ground station and the DSS 43 (Canberra, 70 metres) NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antenna.

Main activities during reporting period

DoY Date Pass Activity
136 16-May-2011 NNO 2638 Monitor
138 18-May-2011 NNO 2640 Monitor
139 19-May-2011 NNO 2641 Monitor
141 21-May-2011 NNO 2643 Solar arrays test at 4.4 AU
143 23-May-2011 NNO 2645 Monitor
144 24-May-2011 NNO 2646 Solid-state mass memory configured to use only one memory module
145 25-May-2011 NNO 2647 Monitor
146 26-May-2011 NNO 2648 Monitor
147 27-May-2011 NNO 2649 Monitor
148 28-May-2011 NNO 2650 Monitor
149 29-May-2011 NNO 2651 Monitor
150 30-May-2011 NNO 2652 Switch on of second inertial measurement package and switch Safe Mode to low power conditions
151 31-May-2011 NNO 2653 Final verification of hibernation heaters and power consumption
152 1-Jun-2011 DSS-43 2654 Low gain antenna telecommand test
NNO 2654 Low gain antenna telecommand test and uplink of hibernation entry telecommands
153 2-Jun-2011 NNO 2655 Monitor
154 3-Jun-2011 NNO 2656 Monitor
155 4-Jun-2011 NNO 2657 Monitor
156 5-Jun-2011 NNO 2658 Monitor

DoY = Day of year

At the end of the reporting period on 18 February, Rosetta was at 556 million kilometres from the Earth (3.71 AU); one-way signal travel time was 1855 seconds (30 minutes 55 seconds). The distance to Sun was 600.86 million kilometres (4.01 AU).


Payload Status
ALICE The instrument is currently OFF.
CONSERT The instrument is currently OFF.
COSIMA The instrument is currently OFF.
GIADA The instrument is currently OFF.
MIDAS The instrument is currently OFF.
MIRO The instrument is currently OFF.
OSIRIS The instrument is currently OFF.
ROSINA The instrument is currently OFF.
RPC The instrument is currently OFF.
RSI The USO is OFF since 12 May 2011 (DoY 132/2011).
VIRTIS The instrument is currently OFF.
Lander (Philae) The instrument is currently OFF.
SREM The instrument is OFF with standard settings since 31 May 2011 (DoY 151/2011).

Future milestones

The spacecraft is now fully configured for the final operations of the hibernation entry phase. The hibernation entry window opens now and extends till the end of July; four slots have been allocated for the entry operations (8 and 22 June, 6 and 20 July) and everything is ready for the first one. Remaining activities will be performed as part of the entry operations. All time-tagged commands are on board in a disabled status; few manual activities remain to be done before the spin-up manoeuvre. Following successful spin-up and hibernation entry, ground stations will still look for a possible signal from the spacecraft for a week, in case multiple failures occurred at the time of hibernation entry. In the event that no signal is received during this period, the spacecraft will be declared to be in hibernation mode.

Summary of upcoming events:

  • 06 June 2011: Wake-up time programmed on-board
  • 07 June 2011: Configuration of spin-up parameters and final go/no-go
  • 08 June 2011: Spin-up and Hibernation entry (1st slot in the available window)
  • 14 June 2011: End of nominal passive monitoring phase (in case of successful hibernation entry)
  • 20 January 2014, 10:00 UTC: Wake-up and warm-up phase
  • 20 January 2014, 17:00 UTC: Expected downlink signal from the spacecraft

Legal disclaimer
This report is based on the ESOC mission operations report, WOR #157. Please see the copyright section of the legal disclaimer (linked from the home page for terms of use.

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