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Comet 67P/C-G shape models

Comet 67P/C-G shape models

Interactive viewers

View Rosetta's comet
Interactive comet viewer with a choice of two comet models: the ESA NavCam shape model and Mattias Malmer's shape model. Includes region names (for the Malmer model) and the relative positions of the Rosetta orbiter during NavCam observations, with direct links to these observations in the image archive.
ESA NavCam shape model
Interactive viewer, includes indication of the comet's axes and option to display a night-sky background. The comet shape model can also be downloaded from here in several common file types.



ESA NavCam shape model
This comet model is produced by ESA's Rosetta Flight Dynamics Team, based on NavCam image data. The model is available in several file types.

Mattias Malmer's shape model
Based on NavCam images that were released via the Archive Image Browser as well as images that have been posted on the Rosetta blog.
OSIRIS shape model
Produced by the OSIRIS instrument team and derived from images taken by the OSIRIS camera on the Rosetta spacecraft.
The model from October 2014 is available in two file formats:
Comet 67P OSIRIS shape model (.obj)
Comet 67P OSIRIS shape model (.wrl)








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