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Rosetta science in free access special issues of scientific journals

Rosetta science in free access special issues of scientific journals

Date: 07 March 2017
Satellite: Rosetta
Depicts: Covers of journals with Rosetta special issues
Copyright: Image composition: ESA. Individual journal covers: see below

The following special issues of scientific journals contain articles and reports describing the early science results from the Rosetta mission. Access to these particular issues is free to anyone who wants to discover the results of this pioneering mission to explore a comet.

Science special issue, Catching a comet
First results from the Rosetta orbiter instruments
Science, Vol. 347, Issue 6220, 23 January 2015
Free access

Science special issue, Philae's first look
Philae's first suite of scientific observations
Science, Vol. 349, Issue 6247, 31 July 2015
Free access

Astronomy & Astrophysics special issue
Rosetta mission results pre-perihelion
A&A, Vol. 583, November 2015
Free access

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society special issue
Results from the "ESLAB 50 Symposium - spacecraft at comets from 1P/Halley to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko"
MNRAS, Vol. 462, Issue Suppl_1, November 2016
Free access

The composite image shows the cover of two Science special issues (23 January 2015, Vol 347, Issue 6220, and 31 July 2015, Vol 349, Issue 6247; Reprinted with permission from AAAS); an Astronomy and Astrophysics special issue (image credit: Cover of A&A, volume 583, 2015, reproduced with permission © ESO); and a special issue of Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (image credit for journal cover © 2017 The Royal Astronomical Society; insert with pulsar image: © Mysid adapted from an original image by Roy Smits. This image is distributed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 Open Access license.)

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