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Status of ESA's SMART-1 Mission to the Moon

Status of ESA's SMART-1 Mission to the Moon

Publication date: 27 April 2004

Copyright: ESA

Authors: Bernard H. Foing, Chief Scientist
G. Racca, A. Marini and SMART-1 Project team
M. Grande, J. Huovelin, J.L. Josset, H. Keller, A. Nathues, D. Koschny, M. Almeida, J. Zender and SMART-1 Science & Technology team

The status and first results of ESA's SMART-1 mission were presented at the 1st General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union on 26 April 2004. The presentation covered:

  • SMART-1 Technology Mission: Solar Electric Propulsion to the Moon
  • Payload Technology and Science objectives
  • Lunar and planetary science with SMART-1
  • Performances, Status and first results data integration
  • SMART-1 Contribution to preparing Future Planetary exploration

Contact: Bernard H. Foing, Chief Scientist, ESTEC/SCI-SR, ESA Science Directorate,

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