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Detection of X-ray calcium line from lunar surface

Detection of X-ray calcium line from lunar surface

Date: 08 June 2005
Satellite: SMART-1
Depicts: X-ray spectral lines from lunar surface
Copyright: ESA/D-CIXS; Solar flux graph: Courtesy of NOAA

Top Left: GOES X-ray spectrum showing the Solar input. Note the flares around 06:00 UT on 15 January 2005 (GOES Data Courtesy NOAA).

Lower Left: D-CIXS spectrograms showing fluorescence emission from the Moon as a response. The three panels show the summed outputs of the three separate D-CIXS facets.

Top Right: Area of the Moon overflown during this observation, running from 15° to 45° North, at 60° East longitude, including Mare Crisium in the southern part of the region.

Bottom Right: The derived X-ray spectrum, indicating lunar elemental composition. Note the prominent calcium feature, as well as visible aluminium, silicon and iron.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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