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Crater Mersenius C

Crater Mersenius C

Date: 31 July 2006
Satellite: SMART-1
Copyright: ESA/SPACE-X (Space Exploration Institute)

This mosaic of three images, taken by the advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board SMART-1, shows the crater Mersenius C. The images are located at a longitude of 45.7° West, and at latitudes of 18.1° South, 19.7° South and 21.3° South, respectively. AMIE obtained this sequence on 13 January 2006, from a distance of 1195, 1172, 1149 kilometres from the surface, respectively. The ground resolution ranges from 104 to 108 metres per pixel. North is up.

Crater Mersenius C is positioned in the highland area between Mare Humorum and the Oceanus Procellarum. The crater has a diameter of 14 kilometres and is best visible for ground-based observers 4 days after first quarter Moon. The crater is surrounded by a system of grabens, which are fractures that form when the lunar surface sinks as a result of faults. They can be seen running diagonally across this image.

The larger crater Mersenius is 84 kilometres in diameter and lies ~225 km southwest of Mersenius C. The crater is named in honour of Marin Mersenne, a French mathematician, philosopher and physicist (1588-1648).

Parameter Top image Centre Image Bottom Image
Date 13 January 2006 13 January 2006 13 January 2006
Distance 1195 km 1172 km 1149 km
Longitude 45.7° W 45.7° W 45.7° W
Latitude 18.1° S 19.7° S 21.3° S
Resolution 108 m/pixel 106 m/pixel 104 m/pixel

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