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No. 87 - Ongoing Payload Checkout

No. 87 - Ongoing Payload Checkout

Report for Period 30 September 2007 to 12 October 2007The reporting period covers a period of 2 weeks of Active Cruise Mode. The reporting period has been characterised by a very high activity load with the spacecraft instruments as part of the 6th payload check-out.

DOY Date Pass Main Activity
275 02/10/07 NNO 1312 Tracking Pass
276 03/10/07 NNO 1313 Tracking Pass
277 04/10/07 NNO 1314 "Close to Sun"configuration and SSMM clean-up
283 10/10/07 NNO 1320 RSI PC6 activities
284 11/10/07 NNO 1321 Data downlink, MIDAS Health check

At the end of the reporting period (DOY 285) Rosetta was at 29 million km from Earth (0.19 AU; one-way signal travel time was 1 minute and 37 seconds). The distance to the Sun was 175.6 million km (1.17 AU).


During the reporting period limited activities have been conducted with the payload complement.

Instrument is OFF

Instrument is OFF

Instrument is OFF

Instrument is OFF

As part of anomaly investigation MIDAS has been activated twice (DoY 277 and 283) in the reporting period for a health check. In both cases proper functioning of the instrument could be proved.

Instrument is OFF

Instrument is OFF. Activities will be conducted in the next reporting period as part of anomaly investigation.

Instrument is ON (RTOF in stand-by) as part of an out-gassing attempt.

Instrument is OFF.

RSI PC6 activities have been executed on DoY 283. From a spacecraft point of view all activities have been nominally executed.

Instrument is OFF.

Instrument is OFF.

Since DoY 248/2007 the accumulation settings are configured for active cruise mode.

Future Milestones

The preparation of the Earth Swing-by phase is proceeding according to the plan. Latest orbit determination indicates that a trajectory correction manoeuvre will be very likely needed at on the 18th of October. The swing-by manoeuvre will take place on the 13th of November at 20:57 UTC.

Earth Swing-by 2 Targeting

On the plot below, the blue cross and surrounding 3-sigma error ellipse were the estimates for the location in the Rosetta B-plane, corresponding to the 2nd Earth swing-by, that were made on the basis of a short arc solution using data from the time of NSHM exit up to 19 September.

From a longer arc orbit determination using data acquired since exiting NSHM and up to the end of the pass on 04 October, and a subsequent orbit prediction, the red cross and surrounding 3-sigma error ellipse shows the current estimate in the B-plane. This estimate is 68 km from the target.

The target location corresponds to a perigee altitude of 5299 km (relative to the Earth's equatorial radius). The estimate corresponds to an altitude of 5364 km with a 3-sigma uncertainty of 39 km.

The estimated time of closest approach (perigee passage) is 20:57:23 UTC on 13 November (the same as the previous estimate). The 3-sigma uncertainty is now 7 seconds. Based on the present solution, a manoeuvre at arrival minus 4 weeks, on 18 October, would have a delta-V of about 4 cm per second.

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