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Successful Second Earth Swing-by for Rosetta

Successful Second Earth Swing-by for Rosetta

14 November 2007

Rosetta's Earth swing-by last evening has been performed successfully and after passing to within 5295 km above the Earth the spacecraft is now heading out again on its new course with respect to the Sun.

Although the main goal of the swing-by was to alter the spacecraft trajectory, the swing-by provided a very good opportunity to calibrate the spacecraft's instruments by observing the Earth and Moon for which the expected observation results are well-known.


Data gathered by the different instruments have been received on ground through the New Norcia ground station and images will be posted on-line as they become available throughout the day at the ESA Rosetta Swing-by site.

Details of the swing-by science activities are at the "see also" link on the right-hand side.


First images: navigation camera composite image of Antarctic region


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